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If you love flowers, then why not have them delivered to your door on a regular basis.  Imagine Fortnightly or Monthly the door bell ringing and you have a fresh flower hand tie delivered straight to you.  A Blooming Desires Flower Subscription enables you to do just that.  


Whether you fancy a Subscription for yourself or have a family member or friend who loves flowers and deserves a special treat or they many be celebrating a birthday or anniversary and your not sure what to buy then this is the Service for you and subscribing is simple.  


A flexible Flower Delivery Service to suit anyones needs.  Letter Box delivery is available.


This Subscription gives FOURTEEN HAND TIE Deliveries (for the price of 12)!!   You may keep the Free Hand Ties for yourself or you can send them as Gifts!!


In addition you can also purchase a box of Chocolates, a Balloon and include a Card Message when sigining up to this Subscription Service. 



The Flower Subscription 12 - with TWO FREE Hand Tie Deliveries

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